Further reading

The biography of Anders Eliasson (2012/2022)

The 2022 Anders Eliasson Symposium, Laudon Palace, Vienna

Paper presented by Rémy Ballot
In medias – An approach to terra incognita [English]
In medias – Eine Annäherung an Terra incognita [German]

Paper presented by Tony Lundman
Notes on the unknown [English]

The 2020 Anders Eliasson Symposium, Konserthuset Stockholm

Paper presented by Oliver Fraenzke
Some basic observations on the musical development of Anders Eliasson with regard to his Fourth Symphony [English]
Grundbetrachtungen zur musikalischen Entwicklung bei Anders Eliasson anhand der Vierten Symphonie [German]

Paper presented by Norbert Florian Schuck
Anders Eliasson’s musical material – an attempt at an analysis [English]
Anders Eliassons musikalisches Material – Versuch einer Sichtung [German]

Paper presented by Mats Larsson Gothe
Rytmisk balans och plasticitet i Anders Eliassons musik [Swedish]
Rhythmic balance and plasticity in Anders Eliasson’s music [English]

Paper presented by Johannes Gustavsson
Some personal notes on Anders Eliasson’s symphonies [English]

Paper presented by Martín Rincón Botero
Anders Eliasson’s Symphony No. 4 [English]

The 2017 Anders Eliasson Symposium, Laudon Palace, Vienna

Paper presented by Leander Kaiser
Aesthetics of Resistance [English] | Eine Ästhetik des Widerstands [German]

Paper presented by Peter Kislinger
Remarks on Dante [English] | Dante Bemerkungen [German]

Paper presented by Christoph Schlüren
The Alphabet in Motion [English] | Das Alphabet in Bewegung [German]

Paper presented by Martín Rincón Botero
Intermezzi, omaggio à Ligeti e Lutosławski [English]


Anders Eliasson [Swedish] By Tony Lundman, original edition 2012 (Bokförlaget Atlantis) / New edition 2022, with added material and new chapters (Lundmanuskript)

Academic research

Music as Action [Swedish with English summary] By Anders Tykesson, University of Gothenburg

An Analysis of Saxophone Music by Anders Eliasson [English] By Thomas Giles, Florida State University

Articles in connection with Eliasson’s passing

The Music is the Man [English] By Tony Lundman in Nordic Highlights

Zeitlos moderner Mystiker in Tönen [German] By Christoph Schlüren in Neue Musikzeitung

Obituary: Anders Eliasson [English] By Andrew Mellor in Gramophone

Människan i varje ton [Swedish] By Tony Lundman in Expressen

Jag vet inte vart musiken är på väg [Swedish] By Tony Lundman in Svenska Dagbladet

Interviews with Eliasson

Komponerandet som överlevnad [Swedish] By Mikael Strömberg, a radio documentary

En timmes enda ­jätteandning [Swedish] By Marcus Boldemann in Dagens Nyheter

Interviews about Eliasson

Pianist Beth Levin [German] By Oliver Fraenzke in The New Listener

”Det är en stor händelse att Anders Eliassons verk framförs nu” [Swedish] By Maria Schottenius in Dagens Nyheter

Other articles on Eliasson

Zeit-Ton [German] By Peter Kislinger of the ORF