This is, as far as we know, a complete work list. Whereever possible we have added direct links to the publisher/holder of the manuscript. In many instances, the links provide you with a preview of the score as well as a sound sample. Please help us report (opens e-mail) any dead/wrong links for immediate update.

Main Publisher: Gehrmans

Other publishers: Edition Suecia/Svensk Musik


  • 1973: Glasdans for orchestra. Music for television. ”Musik i Vintermörkret: Glasdans”, a film about the work of glassblowers. Broadcast: 9 January 1974 by SVT.
  • 1978: Impronta for orchestra. Durata: 11 min. FP: 22 September 1979 Norrköping, Sweden. Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Jorma Panula. Score
  • 1978: Turnings for orchestra. Durata: 19 min. FP: 13 June 1979 (tv broadcast by SVT), Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Göran Rydberg. Score
  • 1986: Symphony No 1 for orchestra. Durata: 32 min. FP: 6 February 1987 Stockholm Berwaldhallen, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Leif Segerstam. Score
  • 1987(?): Symphony No 2 (unfinished, short fragment and sketches)
  • 1988: Fantasia per orchestra for orchestra. Durata: 19 min. FP: 5 March 1989 Örebro Konserthus, Sweden. Örebro Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Göran W Nilson. Score
  • 1989: Sinfonia concertante: Symphony No 3 for alto saxophone and orchestra [2010 version for soprano saxophone and orchestra]. Durata: 27 min. FP: 16 November 1989 Trondheim, Norway.  Soloist: John-Edward Kelly. Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Ronald Zollman. Version for soprano saxophone: Score 
  • 2005: Symphony No 4 for orchestra. Durata: 25 min; FP: 12 January 2007 Munich, Herkulessaal der Münchner Residenz, Germany. Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. Conductor: Christoph Poppen. Score

Chamber orchestra

  • 1968: Exposition for chamber orchestra. Durata: ca 7 min. FP: 1968 Århus, Denmark. Bengt Ernryd et al. Conductor: Wilhelm ”Fuzzy” Pedersen.
  • 1968/69: Take it or leave it for variable ensemble [composed with Arne Ericson]. FP: 1969 Royal Academy of Music Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 1977: Canti in lontananza for small orchestra. Durata: 11 min. FP: 1. October 1977, Stockholm Radiohuset (?), Sweden. Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Stig Westerberg. Score
  • 1984: Sinfonia da camera for chamber orchestra. Durata: 11 min. FP: 14 August 1984 Stockholm Berwaldhallen. Conductor: Georges-Elie Octors. Score
  • 1988: Intermezzi for chamber orchestra. ”Ommagio a Ligeti e Lutoslawski”. Durata: 12 min. FP: 14 February 1989 Malmö, Sweden. KammarensembleN. Conductor: Ansgar Krook. Score

String orchestra

  • 1981: Desert point for string orchestra. Durata: 14 min. FP: 13 February 1982 Växjö, Sweden. Musica Vitae. Conductor: Gunnar Julin. Score
  • 1987: Ostacoli for string orchestra. Durata: 14 min. FP: 31 January 1988 Kaustinen, Finland. Ostrobothnian Chamber orchestra. Conductor: Juha Kangas. Score
  • 2001: Sinfonia per archi [sometimes labeled Sinfonia da camera II] for string orchestra. Durata: 35 min. FP: 9 February 2002 Kokkola, Finland. Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Juha Kangas. Score
  • 2003: Ein schneller Blick … ein kurzes Aufscheinen for string orchestra. Durata: 17 min. FP: 15 November 2003 Ronneby Kulturcentrum, Sweden. Camerata Roman. Conductor/leader: Levon Chilingirian. Score


  • 1982: Concerto per fagotto ed archi for bassoon and string orchestra. Durata: 20 min. FP: 19 February 1983 Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden. Soloist: Knut Sönstevold. Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Jorma Panula. Score
  • 1989: Sinfonia concertante: Symphony No 3 for alto saxophone and orchestra [2010 version for soprano saxophone and orchestra]. Also listed under ”Orchestra”. Durata: 27 min. FP: 16 November 1989 Trondheim, Norway. Soloist: John-Edward Kelly. Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Ronald Zollman. Version for soprano saxophone: Score
  • 1992: Clarinet Concerto – Sette passaggi for clarinet and orchestra. Durata: 23 min. FP: 11 February 1993, Helsingborgs konserthus, Sweden. Soloist: Håkan Rosengren. Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Kazufumi Yamashita. Score
  • 1992: Concerto per violino ed orchestra d’archi for violin and string orchestra. Durata: 22 min. FP: 26 March 1994 Kokkola, Finland. Soloist: Jari Valo. Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Juha Kangas. Score
  • 1992: Farfalle e ferro: Concerto per corno ed archi for horn and string orchestra. Durata: 23 min. FP: 3 June 1992 Gothenburg Concert Hall, Sweden. Soloist: Sören Hermansson. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Neeme Järvi. Score
  • 1996: Concerto for bass clarinet and orchestra. Durata: 26 min. FP: 5. February 2004 Malmö Concert Hall, Sweden. Soloist: Bo Pettersson, Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Markus Lehtinen. Score
  • 2000: Concerto per trombone for trombone and orchestra. Durata: 23 min. FP: 14 September 2000 Malmö Concert Hall, Sweden. Soloist: Christian Lindberg, Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Stefan Solyom. Score
  • 2002: Concerto for alto saxophone and string orchestra [2009 version for soprano saxophone and string orchestra]. Durata: 30 min. FP: 30 June 2003 Vaasa, Finland.  Soloist: John-Edward Kelly, Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Juha Kangas. Version for soprano saxophone: Score
  • 2005 Concerto per violino, piano ed orchestra for violin, piano and orchestra. Durata: 33 min. FP: 19 April 2006 Finlandia Hall Helsinki, Finland. Soloists: Ulf Wallin, Roland Pöntinen, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Pietari Inkinen. Score
  • 2009: Concerto per violino, viola ed orchestra da camera for violin, viola and chamber orchestra. Durata: 25 min. FP: 25 November 2009 Finlandia Hall Helsinki, Finland. Soloists: Ulf Wallin, Lars Anders Tomter, Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Juha Kangas. Score
  • 2010: Einsame Fahrt (Solitary Journey) Concerto for violin and orchestra. Durata: 32 min. FP: 27 October 2011 Berwaldhallen Stockholm, Sweden. Soloist: Ulf Wallin, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Manfred Honeck. ScoreFilmed perfomance

Orchestra, choir and soloists

  • 1979: Canto del vagabondo in memoria di Carolus Linnaeus for boy soprano, female chorus and orchestra. Durata: 32 min. FP: 28 November 1980 Berwaldhallen Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, female chorus of the Swedish Radio Choir. Conductor: Herbert Blomstedt. Score
  • 1998: Dante Anarca oratorio for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, mixed choir and orchestra.  Text: Giacomo Oreglia: Dante Anarca e i suoi sei maestri / Dante Anarca and his six masters. Durata: 80 min. FP: 18 December 1998 Berwaldhallen Stockholm, Sweden. Soloists: Lena Hoel, Anna Larsson, Göran Eliasson, Johan Edholm, Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericsons Chamber Choir, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Manfred Honeck. Score
  • 2007: Quo vadis for tenor, mixed choir and orchestra. Texts: Raoul Schrott Die Erfindung der Poesie, Gustav Mensching Das lebendige Wort – Texte aus den Religionen der Völker und den apokryphen Petrusakten / Apostelakten. Durata: 60 min. FP: 15  May 2009 Berwald Hall Stockholm, Sweden. Soloists: Michael Weinius, Swedish Radio Choir, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Johannes Gustavsson. Score


  • 1970: Kantillation for mezzo soprano and organ. Durata: 5 min. Text from Pabbaja-sutta, in Swedish translation. FP: 1970? Siv Wennberg soprano, Sonny Peterson organ. Score
  • 1970: Hymn for a minimum of 6 male voices, 2 oboes, 2 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 percussionists. Text: Latin. Durata: 11 min. FP: 1 January 1971 Ung Nordisk Musik (Young Nordic Music Festival) in Helsinki, Finland. Score
  • 1971: Då sade man … och nu for mezzo soprano, bass clarinet, cello, vibraphone and tam-tam. Durata: 5´. Text: Japanese poetry in Swedish translation by P. E. Wahlgren, FP: ?. Kerstin Ståhl mezzo soprano with musicians of Harpans Kraft. Conductor: Göran Rydberg. Score
  • 1972: I natten alltid resa [text-sound composition]. Text: Nazim Hikmet. FP: 17 April 1972 Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 1972: Tider for mezzo soprano, trombone, cello, electric organ, marimba, vibraphone, timpani and two percussionists. Durata: 20 min. FP: 30 November 1972 Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden. Ensemble: Harpans Kraft. Score
  • 1973: Quo vadis for mezzo soprano, ensemble and tape. Text: Latin. Durata: 25 min. FP: 10 February 1973 Konstmuséet Gothenburg, Sweden. Kerstin Ståhl and Harpans Kraft.
  • 1973 Inför Logos for four voices (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and tape. Durata: 14 min. FP: 14 February 1973 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden. Camerata Holmiae. Score
  • 1976: Kantat Den gröna rosen for soprano, saxophone quartet och and percussion. Text: Tadeusz Rózewicz. Durata: 13 min. FP: 7 March 1978 Seglora church in Stockholm, Sweden. Ilona Maros, Stockholms kammarblåsare. Conductor: Per Lyng. Score
  • 1986: Längs radien for voice and piano. Text: Tomas Tranströmer. Durata: 10 min. FP: 30 March 1987 Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden. Ilona Maros and Bengt Forsberg. Score
  • 1993: Vier Lieder for mezzo soprano and piano. Text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Gefunden, Eigentum, Grenzen der Menschheit, Wanderers Nachtlied / Ein Gleiches). Durata: 12 min. FP: 11 June 1993 Håkonshallen in Bergen, Norway. Ragnhild Heiland Sørensen and Nils Anders Mortensen. Score
  • 1995: Soliloquy of the Solipsist for voice and piano. Text: Sylvia Plath. Durata: 14 min. FP: 17 October 1995, Stockholm Radiohuset, Sweden. Lena Hoel and Bengt-Åke Lundin. Score

Choir a cappella

  • 1972: Memet for mixed choir a cappella. Text: Nazim Hikmet. Durata: 8 min. FP: 8. April 1973 Umeå, Sweden. Chamber Choir of the Royal College of Music. Conductor: Eric Ericson. Score
  • 1973: Oktober for mixed choir a cappella. Text: Werner Aspenström. Durata: 5 min. Score
  • 1984: Breathing Room: July for mixed choir a cappella. Text: Tomas Tranströmer, in English translation by May Swanson. Durata: 20 min. FP: 13 October 1984 Ragnhilds church Södertälje, Sweden. Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. Conductor: Eric Ericson. Score
  • 1985: Ave maris stella for mixed choir a cappella. Durata : 5 min. FP: 28. September 1985 Helsinki, Finland. Mikaeli Chamber Choir. Conductor: Anders Eby. Score

Stage music

  • 1974 En av oss church opera for narrator, speach choir, 3 dancers, mixed choir and ensemble. Libretto: Bengt V Wall. Durata: 55 min. FP: 1974/75? Pressumably never performed. Score
  • 2011: Karolinas sömn (Karolina’s Sleep) for soprano and chamber orchestra. Libretto: Bengt Emil Johnson. Durata: 48 min. FP: 4 June 2012 at Artipelag Art Centre, Gustavsberg, Sweden. Director: Christina Ouzounidis. Soloist: Lena Hoel. Kungliga Hovkapellet (Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra). Conductor: Daniel Blendulf. Score
    Libretto: Swedish, Deutsch

Chamber – solo instrumental

  • 1970/1992: In medias for solo violin. Durata: 7 min. FP: 26 April 1992 Kokkola Rådhuset, Finland. Soloist: Jari Valo. Score
  • 1973: Versione for piano. Durata: 5 min. FP: 20 January 1977 Folkets hus, Sandviken, Sweden. Soloist: Mats Persson. Score
  • 1977: Disegno per violoncello for solo cello. Durata: 5 min. FP: 23 March 1977, Musee d’art moderne, Paris, France. Soloist: Peter Schuback. Score
  • 1980: Disegno per clarinetto for solo clarinet. Durata: 13 min. FP: 5 August 1980 Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden. Soloist: Kjell-Inge Stevensson. Score
  • 1982: Disegno per clavicembalo for solo cembalo. Durata: 6 min. FP: 10 October 1982 Norrköping, Sweden. Score
  • 1983: Suolo for piano. Durata: 11 min. FP: 1983 Washington DC USA (?). Soloist: Alan Mandel. Score
  • 1984: Disegno per trombone for solo trombone. Durata: 5 min. FP: 1 February 1984 Stockholm. Soloist: Jörgen Johansson. Score
  • 1984: Disegno per flauto for solo flute. Durata: 4 min. FP: 25. February 1985 Härnösand, Sweden. Soloist: Manuela Wiesler. Score
  • 1984: Disegno per pianoforte for piano. Durata: 8 min. FP: 25 June 1986 Biskops-Arnö, Sweden. Soloist: Carl-Axel Dominique. Score
  • 1987: Disegno per pianoforte No 2 for piano. Durata: 9 min. FP: 24 August 1988 Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Sweden. Soloist: Helge Antoni. Score
  • 1988(?): Preludio for solo trumpet. Universal Edition (Fanfares. New Pieces for Solo Trumpet, 1989).
  • 2005: Carosello: Disegno per pianoforte No 3 for piano. Durata: 8 min. FP: 4 October 2005, Palladium Malmö, Sweden. Soloist: Hans Pålsson. Score

Chamber – duos and trios

  • 1981: Notturno for bass clarinet, cello and piano. Durata: 11 min. FP: 22 March 1982 Cirkus Stockholm, Sweden. Kjell-Inge Stevensson (bass clarinet), Ola Karlsson (cello), Roland Pöntinen (piano). Score
  • 1986: Poem (1986/1988) for alto saxophone and piano [version for alto saxophone of the song Längs radien]. Durata: 10 min. FP: 10 December 1988 São Paolo, Brazil.  John-Edward Kelly (alto saxophone), Amilcar Zani (piano). Score
  • 1996: Trio per violino, corno e pianoforte for horn, violin and piano. Durata: 30 min. FP: 16 November 1996 Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden. Sören Hermansson (horn), Nils-Erik Sparf (violin), Arne Torger (piano). Score
  • 2002: Abendlicht for oboe and piano. Durata 14 min. FP: 29 June 2002 Båstad Chamber Music Festival, Sweden. Helen Jahrén (oboe), Mats Widlund (piano). Score
  • 2003: Wellen for bassoon and piano. Durata: 10 min. FP: 27 June 2003 Rottweil Music Festival Sommersprossen, Germany. Knut Sönstevold (bassoon), Chia Chou (piano). Score
  • 2010: Trio for violin, vibraphone and piano. Durata: 17 min. FP: 6 July 2010 Kulturhuset Ytterjärna, Sweden. Trio Roma (Roland Pöntinen piano, Mats Zetterqvist violin, Anders Loguin vibraphone). Score
  • 2013: Trio d’archi string trio for violin, viola and cello. Durata: 26 min. FP: 10 February 2014 Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden. Trio ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen (Cecilia Zilliacus violin, Johanna Persson viola, Kati Raitinen cello). Score

Chamber – quartets

  • 1970: Melos for string quartet [study piece, manuscript]. Durata: 12 min. FP: ?
  • 1974: Disegno della pioggia for piano four hands, cello and xylophone. Durata: 9 min. FP: 10 October 1974 Helsinki, Finland. Ensemble Harpans Kraft. Score
  • 1975: Disegno per quartetto d’archi (1974/75) for string quartet. Durata: 8 min. FP: 23  March 1976 Radiohuset Studio 2, Stockholm, Sweden. Crafoord Quartet. Score
  • 1983: Senza risposte for flute, violin, cello och piano. Durata: 11 min. FP: 24 June 1984 Harstad, Norway. Paul Wåhlberg, Cecilia Wåhlberg, Anders Moberg, Britt Kristin Fjellstad. Score
  • 1990: Fogliame for piano and string trio. Durata: 20 min. FP: 1 June 1991 Lapplands festspel in Arjeplog, Sweden. Britten Quartet. Score
  • 1991: Quartetto d’archi for string quartet. Durata: 22 min. FP: 3 June 1991 Lapplands festspel in Arjeplog, Sweden. Tale Quartet. Score

Chamber – quintets

  • 1972: Pick-Nick for wind quintet (school piece for amateur ensemble), Durata: 5 min. FP: 5 July 1983 Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden. Quintet from the Icelandic Chamber Orchestra.
  • 1978: La Fièvre for wind quintet. Durata: 8 min. FP: 1 August 1979 Bäckedal Folk High School, Sweden. Mads Johansen, Karsten Rose, Finn Jacobsen, Peter Hougaard, Peter Andersen. Leader: Kjell-Inge Stevenson. Score
  • 1978: Malaria for clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, double bass. Durata: 11 min. FP: 7. December 1978, Royal College of Music Stockholm, Sweden. Student ensemble (among them trombonist Christian Lindberg). Conductor: Kjell-Inge Stevensson. Score
  • 1980: Ombra for clarinet and string quartet. Durata: 22 min. FP: 23 April 1981 Stockholm Radiohuset, Sweden. Kjell-Inge Stevensson and Savinkvartetten. Score
  • 1983: Dai cammini misteriosi for 2 oboes, bassoon, cembalo and double bass. Durata: 22 min. FP: 28 November 1985 Braunschweig New Music Days, Germany. Knut Sönstevold and the Merlin Quartet. Score
  • 1984: Quintetto per clavicembalo e quartetto d’archi for cembalo and string quartet. Durata: 31 min. FP: 6 October 1985 Berwald Hall Stockholm, Sweden. Eva Nordwall, Arditti Quartet. Score
  • 2003: Pentagramm for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and piano. Durata: 16 min. FP: 29 June 2003 Rottweil, Germany. Ingo Goritzki, Ulf Rodenhäuser, Knut Sönstevold, Dariusz Mikulski, Chia Chou. Score

Chamber – six or more players

  • 1975: Disegno per sestetto d’ottoni for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, horn and tuba. Durata: 7 min. FP: 26 October 1976 ISCM Festival Boston, USA. The New England Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble. Conductor: Gunther Schuller. Score
  • 1980: Serenad i gömstället for narrator, flute, clarinet, horn, harp and string trio. Text: Lars Norén. Durata: 32 min. FP: 21 March 1982 Swedish Radio, Stockholm. Per Myrberg, Ulf Bergström, Kjell-Inge Stevenson, Ivar Olsen, Anna Stångberg, Per Sandklef, Björn Sjögren, Jan Neander. Conductor: Per Lyng. Score
  • 1987: Sotto il Segno del Sole for 5 percussionists, 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 3 clarinets, 3 bassoons, 3 horns and double bass. Durata: 15 min. FP: 3 February 1988 Helsinki, Finland. Falu blåsarkvintett, Omnibus kammarblåsare and Kroumata Percussion Ensemble. Conductor: Anders Loguin. Score
  • 1996: Kimmo for trumpet and six percussionists. Durata: 17 min. FP: 27 November 1996 Hudiksvall Folkets Hus, Sweden. Håkan Hardenberger, Kroumata.
  • 1997: Venti anni avanti for 2 marimbas, 2 xylophone and piano. Durata: ? FP: 13 February 1998 Stockholm Concert hall, Sweden. Kroumata and Roland Pöntinen.
  • 2009: Fantasia per sei strumenti for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello. Durata: 11 min. FP: 28 May 2010 Studio Acusticum in Piteå, Sweden. Ensemble Norrbotten NEO. Score

Electroacoustic works

  • 1969 Bylåt for tape
  • 1969 En saga for tape
  • 1969 Fata morgana for tape
  • 1969 Kvällsmusik for tape
  • 1969 När Orpheus skrek till i underjorden for tape
  • 1971 Från Thor i fjäll for tape. FP: Fyklingen 8 November 1971
  • 1971 Musik för tre sputnikar for tape. A collective composition by several composers. FP: Fylkingen 9 December 1971